People Also Ask - Frequently Asked Questions


A. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking well on a major search engine like Google or Bing.

A. Yes. Every business needs SEO to position their products and services in front of their target audience in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

A. SEO works when a marketer models a website after the algorithms set by Google and Bing. This is why SEO is generally a comprehensive process.

A. SEO keywords, or search terms, are words and phrases people use to access a search engine to find something, whether it’s information or a local business.

A. Both SEO and SEM provide an invaluable benefit to all types of businesses. Therefore, there isn’t a clear verdict on which is better for your business.

Google Adwords

A. Google Adwords is an advertising platform businesses can use to create advertisements on Google.

A. Google Adwords requires advertisers to bid and pay for ads that will appear on Google. SEO is an in-depth and organic process where hard work produces results.

A. Yes. Google Adwords is cost-effective, especially when you hire an agency to manage your campaign.

A. A Google Adwords campaign is a set of different tasks that are carried out in an advertising strategy.

A. Yes. When you hire an agency, you can eliminate the chance of paying for ads that aren’t meeting your expectations.

Facebook Ads

A. Facebook ads are advertisements that appear in both user feeds and along Facebook’s platform.

A. Yes. Facebook’s advertising platform is used by millions of businesses throughout the world.

A. There is no clear winner here. Facebook and Google ads are both valuable to all kinds of businesses.

A. Typically, carousel ads perform the best on Facebook because they can showcase numerous offers at the same time.

A. Yes. Hiring a Facebook advertising agency will allow you to create an effective campaign for your business.

Website Design

A. Yes. Every business needs a website to capture qualified leads from major search engines like Google or Bing.

A. Yes. Hiring an agency allows you to construct a fully-functional website that will attract the attention from your target audience and major search engines.

A. Many consumers use the internet to locate a nearby business. If you want to take advantage of this exposure, having a quality website is key.

A. Having a website will help you invite new qualified leads to your business who will possibly convert into paying customers.

A. Yes. You can earn a lot of money from your website by hosting a blog and selling space on your website to advertisers.